Terms of Pre-Paid License

I – Operating entity

The entity operating the Licenses is AutoISO sp. z o.o. with its registered office at Gnieźnieńska 12, Katowice 40-142, using the KRS number 0000840558 with a share capital of PLN 8.000 and NIP number PL6342976575, hereinafter referred to as AutoISO.

II – Definitions

  1. Website – a website belonging to AutoISO, located at automoli.com
  2. VIN Report – a collection of information about the vehicle from the AutoISO databases and partners cooperating with AutoISO.
  3. Free VIN Check – a page on the Website where are shown VIN Reports available for purchase
  4. Licensor – AutoISO, which is the service provider of the Website.
  5. Expiry Date – a date determining the time at which the License will expire.
  6. License Value – the amount specified in PLN, EUR, GBP, USD, CZK or HUF currency allowing purchase of the VIN Report.
  7. Bonus – the value expressed as a percentage awarded, which is calculated on the basis of the formula “License Value + Bonus = License Value”
  8. License – the right to use the Website under the conditions set out in these License Regulations. Each license consists of an Expiry Date and a License Value.
  9. License Code – a special license code that allows you to use the VIN Report.
  10. Counterparty – a natural person conducting business activity or a legal person being a party to the transaction.
  11. Pro-forma – a document that is not an accounting document is issued to the Partner for information on the details of the transaction and a request for payment.
  12. License Fee – a fee paid by the Contractor for AutoISO in exchange for granting the license.
  13. Website Regulations – regulations specifying the terms and conditions of using the Website available at: www.automoli.com

III – License Terms

  1. The license is granted to the Conterparty after making the License Fee in accordance with Annex No. 1 – Price List based on the issued Pro-forma invoice.
  2. The pro-forma form is issued in accordance with the Counterparty’s order for the amount and data indicated by the Counterparty.
  3. The Licensor has the right to grant the Counterparty a special Bonus, which is granted only in special cases and through individual negotiations with the Counterparty.
  4. The license is assigned together with the license code to the Counterparty within a maximum of 5 business days after the payments are credited to the AutoISO account. The License Code may be delivered via e-mail to the address indicated by the Counterparty or by a traditional letter to the address indicated by the Counterparty.
  5. The Counterparty is responsible for the security of the License Code. AutoISO is not responsible for loss or transfer the license to third parties.
  6. The license or the License Code cannot be exchanged for cash in whole or even in a part and cannot be returned.

IV – License conditions

  1. The License Code can only be used on the AutoISO Website.
  2. How to use the License Code:
    1. Go to the Website page designated by the Licensor,
    2. enter the 17-digit VIN number of the vehicle on the Website and make a check,
    3. on the Free VIN Check page select the VIN Reports you are interested in,
    4. The License Code should be entered in the place marked “Discount Code”,
    5. after correct verification of the License Code, the final value to be paid will be reduced.
  3. The License Code may be used repeatedly until the License Value is expired.
  4. The License Code may be used only in the currency in which it was purchased.
  5. The License Code may not be transferred to unauthorized persons.
  6. The License Code is valid from the moment of its transfer to the Counterparty.
  7. The License Code loses its validity on the day marked on the License as the Expiry Date.
  8. The unused funds from the License Code specified in the License Value are forfeited once the License Expiry Date expires.
  9. The Licensor may, at the express request of the Counterparty, transfer funds from the expired License to the newly purchased License. Transferring funds is not possible after 14 calendar days dividing the expiry of the old License Expiration Date and the purchase of a new License.
  10. The use of the License and License Code is not mandatory, in which case you should not enter the License Code on the Free VIN Check page

V – Complaints

  1. All complaints regarding defects of purchased VIN Reports will be considered under the conditions set out in the Website Regulations.
  2. In case of identified defects in the License, please contact our service department on the Contact page.

VI – Final provisions

  1. In the event of changes to these License Regulations, orders are carried out on the basis of the License Regulations in the version applicable on the date of order.
  2. All issues not provided for in these License Regulations are governed by the Website Regulations and Polish law.

Attachement no 1 – Pricing

Amount of License Code in EUR License validity
100 EUR 1 months
200 EUR 3 months
500 EUR 12 months