Pre-Paid License

We have prepared a special Pre-Paid license offer for our regular customers, which will allow you or your employees to download Vehicle History Reports in a convenient and quick way.

What is the Pre-Paid License?

The Pre-Paid license has been prepared as a convenience for companies that often use our website and need quick access to the Vehicle History.

The Pre-Paid license allows you to download reports without having to access your company account or company credit card.

Thanks to the license, you will improve the process of purchasing reports. Valid license allow to purchase the report without all banking operations, by using the funds assigned to the license.

This method allows:

How to buy a Pre-Paid License?

Purchase of a Pre-Paid License requires just three easy steps. Select the type of license, accept our regulations. The third step is to pay for a proforma invoice issued in advance for the license. After posting your payment you will receive an invoice and your individual code with which you will be able to pay for the Reports. You can read more about the terms of use on the Pre- Paid License Regulations page.

Step 1

Select a license and fill in the form

Step 2

Pay the received pro-forma invoice

Step 3

Get your individual code

The Pre-Paid license allows you to download the reports without having to pay online each time. Duration and license value are the user’s choice.

How to use the Pre-Paid License?

Using the license is very simple and much more convenient than the traditional form of purchase. All you need is your VIN number and valid License Code to download any report from our website in a quick and convenient way.

Enter your VIN and wait for the free VIN check result

Pay for reports using your individual Pre- Paid Code

The fee for the VIN Report will be deducted from your Code

Generating VIN Report

The User Account topped up with funds allows you to download VIN Reports without having to pay online each time. You choose the time the License is valid and amount of money when purchasing.