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How to join the affiliate program?

You are the owner of websites and would like to increase your income easily and quickly? Perfect! Joining the Automoli affiliate program is a sure profit. The simple cost-per-report billing method means extra funds will be instantly credited to your account. Our reports are one of the most frequently chosen VIN-based reports in Poland. Create opportunities to reach us among your fans, and you will see how quickly the results of mutual cooperation will appear.

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1. Register

Register and join our affiliate program

2. Choose your materials

Select materials for active promotion in the form of a banner, widget or link

3. Recommend our services

Promote Automoli on your website with a unique link

Earn with us!

Earn as much as 20% from the sale of Automoli reports and 10% from the rest

Frequently asked questions:

You will receive the login details for our partner panel at the e-mail address provided during registration. This is where you will be able to generate all the materials that will help you start earning with Automoli.

Log in to the panel on the home page of and select the forms of advertising that best suit your company’s profile. You decide how you want to cooperate with us.

As a publisher, you can choose from the following forms of collaboration:

  • Advertising banner
  • Widget
  • Link

Participation in the affiliate program is free and completely non-binding.

Payment for transactions made via your website takes place once a month within 14 days from the date of issuing the invoice / pro-forma via The transactions that will be the basis for the payment of the commission must cover the period until the end of the previous month. e.g. on April 10, you can issue an invoice no. for the period from March 1 to a maximum of March 31

Selected forms of promotion:

Why is it worth it?

Billing systems for the affiliate program

We meet the expectations of both companies and people who would like to earn with us.

I have a business and I want to
settle using a VAT invoice

I am a payer of VAT

Note: All billing details will be visible in your account after you sign up for using the form.

I don’t have a business and want to pay with

I work as a freelancer

We invite you to establish a partnership.

We remain at your disposal in case of additional questions. Contact us by e-mail

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