Settlement via in 8 steps


1. Register with Useme

Go to and register an account.

Screenshot (25) (1)

2. Complete all data

Fill in all your details in individual tabs - in particular personal data and data needed for settlement - account number, etc.

The financial data

Issue an invoice

3. Issue an invoice

Go back to the main panel and click "issue an invoice". Then you will be redirected to a form where you will enter your billing details.

Screenshot (25) (1)

4. Complete the Automoli data

Enter your Automola data, starting with the e-mail address - The rest of the data should be downloaded automatically.

Automoli data

Hosting and advertising

5. Fill in the details of the affiliate program

Select the appropriate project data.
1. Select a Category: Hosting and Advertising
2. In the details, select: Advertising space rental

Rental of advertising space

6. Fill in the details of the affiliate program cont.

Complete all the data as shown in the diagram below.
a) Title: Automoli Affiliate Program
b) Description of the rental: Your identification number (you will find it in the settings on your account)
c) In a message to the client, write for the period of time you want to settle
d) Check the option without transferring copyright
e) Enter the amount to be settled with Automoli (it will be reduced by the commission, you will pay the VAT yourself)
f) Payment term: choose 14 days

Amount to be settled with Automoli

Affiliate program description

Submit your transaction list

7. Send the list of transactions that you want to settle

Log in to and go to the affiliation tab, then click the "transaction list" tab and generate a list for the period you want to settle and confirm.

8. Wait for the proforma email and then send it to the panel

Soon you will receive an email with information about verification  Your offer. Download the submitted form -> Log in to your account -> Go to the tab  Affiliate  
-> Settlements -> Submit the proforma in place of the attachment-> Click request payment of commission. 


Now we will verify your application. After positive verification, we will settle your receivables so that the funds appear on your account within a maximum of 14 days. 


You are required to pay the tax yourself under the rental agreement. You can do this in two ways:

  • private rental according to the tax scale – the tax is 17%.

Up to 20. in the next month, the due tax should be sent by tax transfer or postal order with the symbol of the PIT-36 form. Include received income and withheld tax withholding in the PIT-36 tax return (they must be submitted by April 30 of the next calendar year). flat-rate private rental

  • flat-rate private rental – the tax is 8.5%.

Account for private flat-rate rent, up to 20. in the next month, make a transfer to the Tax Office with the rent tax calculated at the rate of 8.5%. The symbol of the form in a tax transfer or postal order is PPE. Also submit your PIT-28 declaration by January 31 of the following year.

Useme advice: when paying taxes at the post office, select “Taxes”. If you pay taxes by electronic transfer, select the special transfer “Taxes”. The form symbols are PIT-36 for tax at a rate or PPE for a flat rate.

Make a transfer to your individual tax micro-account number. You can generate it on the website of Generator Mikrorachunek Podatkowy at