Sample Reports

Vehicle History Report

A vehicle history report is expert knowledge and access to a lot of classified information that you cannot find on the Internet. You will find here, among others, the recorded mileage and the history and valuation of possible damages. Data from many recognized and reliable sources will show you the events involving the vehicle, and even give you whether the vehicle is not on the search list. With the report you will buy a vehicle with a proven history. The information about emission standards given in the report will be especially useful if you are looking for a vehicle to travel abroad.

UK vehicle report

The report for UK vehicles contains a lot of interesting data on the history of the vehicle. Thanks to our report, you will determine if the vehicle was technically efficient and had permission to drive on the roads of Great Britain, verify the number of owners and check whether it was intended for scrap. Our sources show data from the government’s vehicle databases in the UK.  

US vehicle report

Through the U.S. Vehicle Report you can also verify your history from the U.S. Based on information from the U.S. National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), you will receive details of the vehicle being checked. Each report contains aggregated information from insurance companies, junkyards and recovery points. This will give you detailed information about the history of your vehicle in the U.S. The detailed titles will help you track how your vehicle was used and whether there was any unwanted traffic incident involving the vehicle.

Vehicle report from Belgium

Our vehicle history report from Belgium will quickly help you find out what happened to the vehicle and how it was used in Belgium. You will verify the information provided by your dealer with some very important points in our report. These include the status and completeness of the vehicle in Belgium, whether it was intended for disassembly or not, and the date of the last technical inspection. You will also learn about the emission standards you meet and the mileage information from the last two technical tests carried out in Belgium.

Vehicle report from the Netherlands

The vehicle history report from the Netherlands contains very desirable data from the vehicle card and is often hidden by dealers. These include, for example, the number of owners or how the vehicle is used in the Netherlands – fleet, TAXI, etc. With the Vehicle History Report from the Netherlands, you will also learn about technical data, insurance information, and accident checks. On this basis, you will verify the seller’s truthfulness and find out about the vehicle’s history before it reaches our country. In addition, you will receive a FREE opportunity to verify the declared mileage. You will do this through the Nationale Auto Pas from the Netherlands, a foundation for the prevention of mileage falsification.

Valuation of market value

The appraisal of value will show you the price range for the model you are checking and will help you estimate at what level the price of the vehicle you are interested in is. Is it within the price range, or is it over or underpriced? This knowledge will give you a reference point to decide if the car is worth buying at the listed price, or give you a basis to negotiate the price with the seller.

Service actions

You receive a free service report with the purchase of a vehicle history report. You will find out what work should have been done to the vehicle so far. You will also learn about the service activities that will have to be carried out in the near future. You will also find there an estimate of the likely costs of their implementation.