Why Two-Wheeler Insurance is Essential for Every Rider

Two-Wheeler Insurance
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Owning a two-wheeler comes with its share of responsibilities, including safeguarding it against damages and losses. An effective way to do this is by purchasing a dedicated two-wheeler insurance policy. Read on to understand why having adequate insurance is essential for every bike or scooter owner.

Importance of Two-Wheeler Insurance

Two-wheeler insurance protects your vehicle against financial losses from accidents, theft, natural calamities, etc. It covers repair costs in case of partial damages and pays the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle if it gets stolen or suffers total loss. Thus, it saves you from spending huge sums of money in one go while keeping your prized possession safe.

ACKO two-wheeler insurance provides extensive coverage against damages, theft, and third-party liabilities. With their technology-driven processes, you can buy policies online in minutes and make claims seamlessly via the app. This makes ACKO a reliable choice for comprehensive bike insurance.

Types Of Two Wheeler Insurance Policies

1. Third-party Bike Insurance Policy

This is the most basic form of bike insurance that is legally mandatory. It covers liabilities arising from any accidental injury or death caused to a third-party person. It also pays for property damage inflicted on others, like vehicles or property, due to an accident involving your bike. However, damages to your bike are not covered. Hence, it is best suited for old two-wheelers. The premium is also low. But remember – driving without this policy can lead to fines or jail time if caught.

2. Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy

This is a combined package offering extensive coverage. It bundles third-party liability protection along with coverage for own bike damages. So you get the best of both – your vehicle’s legal liability components and financial security. It covers accidental damages, theft claims, losses due to natural calamities, etc., which are subject to policy limits. Since it covers your assets, too, it is helpful for new bikes. Premiums are slightly higher, but the extensive coverage and peace of mind offered makes it worthwhile.

3. Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance

As the name suggests, this policy only offers its own damage components, without third-party elements. So damages to your two-wheeler by way of accidents, thefts, riots, strikes, storm damage, flood damage, etc., are covered up to the Insured Declared Value. You must buy third-party insurance separately. It gives flexibility to enhance or reduce its own damage cover as required. It comes at a lower cost for brand-new bikes with relatively low third-party risk. But for older bikes, comprehensive plans work out cheaper and are better.

Reasons You Must Have Two-Wheeler Insurance

1. Legal Requirement

Third-party insurance is mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act. Driving without this basic cover can attract heavy fines or even imprisonment as per regulations. So, it is critical to fulfil this legal obligation.

2. Financial Protection

A two-wheeler policy prevents sudden major expenses if your bike gets damaged. Replacing a broken headlight, fixing accident dents or a more severe engine repair can be very costly. With insurance, you pay only a fraction of the charges.

3. Theft and Loss Protection

Vehicle theft is rampant nowadays. Despite all precautions, the financial loss can be huge if someone steals your precious two-wheeler. Similarly, events like floods, earthquakes, etc., may result in total loss, too. With adequate insurance, these risks are transferred to the insurance company so you can recover the insured value through a claim.

4. Peace of Mind

Being involved in a major road accident or losing your asset unexpectedly can be very stressful, over and above the monetary implications. However, you don’t need to worry much if you have active insurance. The losses are covered by policy limits. This provides tremendous mental peace.

5. Affordable Premiums

If you compare premiums to potential losses, you realise that insurance comes at a small price. You safeguard lakhs of rupees for just 1-2% of the vehicle value annually. So it’s very affordable to protect your prized possession. Also, many discounts make policies cheaper.

The Bottom Line

Given the high frequency of accidents involving two-wheelers in India, having an adequate insurance policy is highly beneficial. It protects owners from sudden and substantial financial setbacks while fulfilling legal obligations. Therefore, whether you own a motorcycle, scooter or any other two-wheeler, ensure you always have active coverage to ride stress-free. Renew it on time without any lapses.


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