New Renault Captur: Test-Driving the new B-segment voiture a vivre

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A car with even more appeal. New Renault Captur remains a pace-setter in the urban SUV market with a host of new features alongside the many qualities that have built its identity and its success over the past 10 years. Along with a new front end and more athletic lines, it gains a more stylish, more premium look. This change is best illustrated by the new Esprit Alpine level trim, with its sporty features and elegant nods to the Alpine brand. A vehicle of exceptional comfort and versatility, Renault Captur embodies the concept of a voiture à vivre in its segment. The pleasure of driving and travel is enhanced by a more dynamic ride with high-tech upgrades for a more connected and more efficient experience

Captur embodies the DNA of a B-segment voiture à vivre by Renault, with a high driving position and spacious interior designed for a full range of driver and passenger needs. At the same time, it is still a compact vehicle, just 4.24 metres long. New Captur is building on its success, with over two million vehicles sold. Today, it is even more dynamic and connected to its times, with new, more assertive looks, an Esprit Alpine version with a sporty design, an E-Tech full hybrid powertrain, and OpenR Link with Google built-in. These are useful technologies applauded by our customers.”

Bruno Vanel, Director of Product Performance for the Renault brand

Useful technologies already appreciated further up the market

The more upmarket style of the exterior design is also visible on the inside, with a range of high-tech features. The tone is set by the large 10.4-inch central screen and by two new welcome sequences (including one specific to the hybrid version): New Renault Captur is an eminently modern vehicle.

New Captur ships (depending on the version) with the OpenR Link with Google built-in multimedia system. Making every journey easier, drivers have access to the best of Google services, with Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play (for access to over 50 applications) for an experience as intuitive as with a smartphone.

With its new electronic architecture, New Captur is on a par with the best for active and passive safety. New-generation driving aids, such as Active Driver Assist, with Level 2 autonomous driving, and Predictive Hybrid Driving (with the hybrid powertrain) optimise efficiency by maximising the use of electrical energy while driving.

The European General Safety Regulation (GSR2) requires some ADAS to be activated by default every time the car is started. For this purpose, a new function to the left of the steering wheel – My Safety Switch – lets drivers enable or disable their preferred settings for five ADAS at the same time, at the touch of a button.

More dynamic handling for greater driving pleasure

Alongside its safety and comfort features, New Renault Captur ships with a range of high-tech developments to increase driving pleasure. The dynamic performance of this new-generation vehicle delivers an enhanced experience at the wheel.

The force-velocity settings of the four shock absorbers, the drivetrain geometry and the calibration of the power steering have all been reviewed, compared with the previous-generation model.

Response time has been improved, as a result of changes made to the drivetrains and power steering. This all makes for an enhanced experience at the wheel, and a hugely enjoyable ride for the driver.

This new-generation vehicle ships with a choice of three fuel types and six modern, efficient powertrains, delivering unbridled pleasure for both driver and passengers.

As quiet as an electric car in the city with no charging constraints and output of 145 hp, E-Tech full hybrid technology achieves excellence in both fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions, with 4.6l/100 km and 105 g/km (WLTP cycle). The new E-SAVE function maintains battery charge at 40% minimum. This ensures optimum performance when driving uphill, for example.

New Renault Captur is also available with a 100 hp ECO-G petrol-LPG dual-fuel powertrain, with a range of up to 1,300 km and two tanks, including an LPG tank with a useful capacity of 40 litres (plus an additional 8 litres).

Optimised traction for greater versatility in use

With ground clearance of 169 mm, Renault Captur has always been at ease on any type of road. The Extended Grip function (available depending on the country, as an option with the 145 hp E-Tech hybrid powertrain and 18-inch tyres only), takes this versatility still further. This system optimises traction to reflect driving conditions, primarily through the ESP settings. It has two specific modes, Snow and All-terrain.

For a stylish look on the open road, the new Esprit Alpine finish ships with special wheels and new 19-inch tyres (Michelin 225/45R19), available for the first time.

Still built at the Valladolid plant, New Renault Captur will be available with three levels of trim (Evolution, Techno and Esprit Alpine) and six powertrains. It launched in several European countries in mid-April 2024. The first vehicles are scheduled for delivery from mid-June 2024.


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