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Discover your vehicle history

Learn all about your vehicle’s history with our South African Vehicle History Report. Our report contains the complete history of your vehicle, including registration details, repair history, technical test results, accident reports and much more. Find out if the vehicle you’re interested in has any hidden problems or accident history before you decide to buy it.

Vehicle History

Information about offers sales and vehicle owners


Information about events and collisions with a vehicle

Mileage reading

Chronological list of mileage readings

Vehicle inspections

Information on completed surveys / inspections vehicle

Information theft

Checking international vehicle records sought

Archival photo

Archival photographic documentation of the vehicle

Technical data

List of vehicle equipment options factory

Analysis VIN

Checksum verification and validation VIN

Safety of your vehicle

The safety of your vehicle is paramount to our company. Our South African vehicle history report includes information about any problems with your vehicle, such as frame damage or engine problems that may affect its safety. Before you buy a car, it’s always a good idea to make sure it meets the required safety standards.

Buy with confidence

Our South African vehicle history report gives you peace of mind during the vehicle buying process. With our reports, you are assured that you are buying a vehicle without hidden problems. All of our reports are up-to-date and accurate to give you full knowledge of a vehicle’s history before you decide to buy it. Buy with confidence and save time, money and stress.